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The key to a successful marketing plan is the right combination of knowledge and vision. 

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  • Does the idea of marketing overwhelm you?

  • Are you a debut author or illustrator with book launch jitters?

  • Are you between publications and looking for a way to remain fresh and relevant?

  • Does it feel like your publisher's marketing department isn't giving you the guidance you need?

  • Are you a self-published author finding it hard to get bookstores to commit to events with you?

  • Do you have a book coming out and need a structured, marketing plan?

​Author events and marketing look easy from the outside, but there's a lot of planning that goes on behind the scenes. I've worked with hundreds of authors and I'll let you in on the secret to a successful marketing campaign: preparation, preparation, preparation.

The best marketing strategies and book events make people sit up and take notice. They're engaging, interactive, and net you new readers and committed fans. That engagement begins even before you step behind the podium, by designing marketing strategies and events that will attract the audience you're looking for. And then, of course, getting them to show up and buy books.

I know, it seems overwhelming! But here's where I come in. 

You've spent years crafting your book and getting it out into the world — and I've spent years helping authors market and sell theirs. Now let me help you. Together we'll craft events and imbue your marketing with the confidence and creativity that will help you truly connect with your readers.

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