What is a successful event? One that fuses your marketing goals, an enthusiastic venue, and an eager audience. These coaching sessions will provide you with the tools to market yourself and build events that boost your confidence and your readership.

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Sessions are currently offered via phone or Skype.

If you are in the Boston area, in-person sessions may be available for an additional fee.

Event Check-up (15 min) — FREE

Are events causing you undo stress and panic? Don't worry, we'll take the pulse of your event plan and restore your confidence. We will:

  • Delve into your concerns about marketing and events

  • Empower you to seek out your ideal audience 

  • Discuss roadblocks you've faced and what it will take to overcome them

  • Examine how further event coaching can lead to greater event success and less event stress!

Brainstorming Session (60 min)

Kickstart your marketing creativity with this personalized introduction to marketing and author events. Explore the best strategies for you right now to get the results you want. This session is for authors at any stage in the process. We will:​

  • Discuss personal marketing strategies

  • Address specific questions you have about marketing and/or event planning

  • Establish key marketing areas for you and your book

  • Brainstorm ideas for marketing and/or event design with immediate feedback

Launch Session (90 min)

Congratulations, your book is being published! Learn how to launch it into the world in the strongest way possible. This session is ideal for debut authors but can be tailored to veteran authors looking to refresh or rebrand themselves. We will:

  • Introduce strong strategies for a successful book launch

  • Choose the correct venue(s) to approach and how 

  • Develop an actionable event plan for your launch

  • Design a customized marketing schedule for your launch

Event/Marketing Design Session (90 min)

Looking for a brilliant way to promote your book?
Have a great idea but need help with implementation? Get the guidance and focus you need to develop a specific event or marketing plan.​ This session is ideal for veteran authors but can be tailored to new authors expanding beyond their launch. We will:

  • Plot out key strategies to make your work stand out

  • Determine which venue(s) or outlet(s) to approach with a focus on targeting your ideal audience 

  • Develop an actionable plan for your event or marketing goal

  • Design a customized marketing schedule to reach your goal

Building Events Course or Workshop (3 hours)

Learn how to plan events from the ground up and get the best results. Completely personalized to your needs, this course is ideal for authors looking to take control of their marketing platform. We will:

  • Examine the five main types of events

  • Delve into strategic scheduling with close looks at venue, timing, and audience

  • Learn to effectively pitch to bookstores and venues

  • Explore marketing and promotional partnerships

  • Plot out key strategies for making your events stand out

  • Develop a list of event ideas/goals
    AND an actionable event plan for a single event

This course can be taken as three one-hour sessions or one three hour workshop. Small group options are also available.

In-Depth Events Course (3 hours)

Take a deeper look at your overall event and marketing strategy with this in-depth event planning course. Available only to authors who have taken the Building Events Workshop or Course, we will expand on your new event knowledge. Perfect for authors ready to put in the work to map out a thorough marketing plan. Over two 90 min sessions we will:

  • Examine your specific event and marketing needs

  • Pinpoint unique marketing outlets for you and your books

  • Expand on topics covered in the Building Events Workshop

  • Develop and discuss multiple personalized event plans 

  • Set specific marketing targets and goals

  • Develop a list of concrete marketing a/o event goals
    AND 2 - 3 actionable event a/o marketing plans

**Prerequisite: A previous coaching session or workshop**

Available as an add-on course only

Manuscript and Writing Consults

As a reader and writer, I focus on science fiction, fantasy, magical realism, literary fiction, short stories, middle grade and young adult literature, food writing, and personal essay. I currently have limited availability for reviews and consults in these genres.


For more information on rates and scheduling, please contact me with your word count, time frame, and the kind of feedback you're seeking.

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